Empowering Rural Democrats

We believe that Democrats need to fight everywhere—in every state, in every district, in every town in America to defeat the MAGA movement.

We believe that Rural Democrats need to be shown that their vote counts.

That’s why we started Blue Wave America—to fund and train expert on-the-ground Democratic turnout staffers in rural counties in key swing states and to equip them with cutting-edge voter turnout tools to get out the vote where Democrats have given too much ground to Republicans for far too long.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Let’s be clear:

MAGA Republicans like Ted Cruz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan, Lauren Boebert, and more could be defeated as long as Democrats invest in rural communities...and they live in true swing states that President Biden needs in 2024.

That’s why we’re using our expert team of Democratic organizers to invest in flipping rural seats blue and increase rural Democratic votes in key swing states. We know full well that there are Democrats in those districts that need to be shown that their vote counts and we’re fighting to make their voices heard.

Not only will we show them that their vote counts, but we are also showing them how to organize and mobilize their own communities to make a difference.

Our Blue Wave America plan uses:

  • Cutting-edge voter turnout technology
  • Expert on-the-ground rural Democrat organizers
  • Modern digital tools
  • A strong network of rural Democrat volunteers and activists

Join us in our fight to defeat the worst Republicans in Congress, to keep MAGA Republicans away from the White House, and to give every American a voice in our system.

We're fighting to elect

Democrats that will stand for Democracy and will work to pass President Biden’s agenda for the people.

  • Adam Frisch

    Adam Frisch (D)

    Democrat to defeat Lauren Bohbert

  • Tammy Baldwin

    Tammy Baldwin (D)

    Wisconsin Senate

  • Bob Casey

    Bob Casey Jr. (D)

    Pennsylvania Senate

  • Sherrod Brown

    Sherrod Brown (D)

    Ohio Senate

  • Jon Tester

    Jon Tester (D)

    Montana Senate

  • Joe Biden

    President Joe Biden

    & Vice President Kamala Harris

  • Ashley Ehasz

    Ashley Ehasz (D)

    Pennsylvania Congress (red to blue)

  • Colin Allred

    Colin Allred (D)

    Democrat to defeat Ted Cruz

  • Shamaine Daniels

    Shamaine Daniels (D)

    Pennsylvania Congress (red to blue)

Our Work

We fought hard in 2022 to hold the Senate and flip Red states and districts Blue and we’ll keep fighting for Democracy Every Day.

  • Raphael Warnock

    Raphael Warnock (D)

    Georgia Senate

  • John Fetterman

    John Fetterman (D)

    Pennsylvania Senate (red to blue)

  • Mark Kelly

    Mark Kelly (D)

    Arizona Senate

  • Josh Shapiro

    Josh Shapiro (D)

    Pennsylvania Governor

About Us

We are a team of rural Democrats across the country working to turn out our neighbors, friends, and family to vote Blue. Founded by Mike Ward, a former Congressman from Kentucky, Associate Director of the Peace Corps, and veteran Democratic strategist, Blue Wave America has been focused since day one on expanding this long-forgotten Democratic constituency.

Mike Ward

Mike Ward

Former Congressman Mike Ward, founder of Blue Wave America

“When I represented Louisville, KY in Congress, I saw firsthand how Republicans under Newt Gingrich began working to dismantle democracy and how they have made the lives of rural Americans so much harder. That’s why I started Blue Wave America—I know there are still Democrats we can turn out in deep red counties. We did it in 2022 and we are doing it full-steam for 2024.”

Rural Turnout Team

Join Our Rural Turnout Team

We are recruiting organizers and volunteers across the country to turn out rural Democrats in key swing states by learning and implementing tried-and-true voter turnout methods, innovative digital strategies, and creative relational organizing approaches.

Volunteer with us